1-DSCN0695Eggzalent recipe of the week brought to you by the chickens on the Tobacco Farm Camp at the Lamplight Inn, a country bed and breakfast. Remember, if you choose, you can gather your own farm fresh eggs for breakfast–Blue, Brown or White.

Brad is a Barred Rock rooster with his own Rock Star Tour Bus.  The Barred Rock hens lay large brown eggs.

The secret of Dutch Babies is a very hot pan and a hot oven. I use a large cast iron skillet.

Place a cold skillet in the oven and turn the temperature to 400′. close the oven door.                    When the oven is hot place 4 Tsp of butter in the skillet and let it brown

Miix    4 eggs,   3/4 C milk.  1/4 C flour   dash of vanilla   pinch of salt

Add the mix to the browned butter and bake for 20 minutes.     (don;t peek)

This is a large serving for 2 people with yogurt (or whipped cream) and fruit