I was looking for a Bed and Breakfast in the general area of N Carolina, Va, Tenn when I found this 1850’s vacant, dilapidated, run down house in Henderson, NC.  My semi-retirement plan took a turn for an imposing project.   More than a few people called my crazy, but I had a ball with a blank palette that I could change anyway I wanted.  I created four guest rooms that each have a unique theme, a Vitorian Parlor, a HDTV lounge with popcorn, refrig and microwave, and a dining room with 24/7 beverage bar.  The two tiny bathrooms became 51/2 new baths by adding plumbing and moving walls. 

  .     One of my goals with this property is be eco-friendly.   The powder room has linen towels and, of course, linens are used in the dining room.  Some of my green practices are re-cycling, composting,  and environmentaly sensitive amenities are used in the guest rooms.

Lamplight Inn is lighted with lamps.  The collection of over 70 chimney lamps is evident through out the Inn.  Commonly called hurricane lamps, they are mostly electrified but  the lamps used in the dining room burn lamp oil and there are always some extra lamps for guest use.  The Victorian Parlor also has a wood burning fireplace.

I closed on this 5 acres of a tobacco farm with 15 buildings that all needed attention in January 2002 and opened the Bed and Breakfast in September of that year.   I have burned down two of those buildings and replaced them with new ones.   

       In 2003, I put in utilities for an RV camp with 6 hookups in the back yard.  In 2004 the first RV hookup was converted to cabin usage when I turned a vertical board curing barn into the Pirates Den Cabin. 

In 2005 I added a small shed that housed laundry and a bathroom designed as an outhouse.  I made a path through the woods to a yoga platform surrounded by trees and a meditation 7 ring labyrinth.                                               

The second cabin was built in 2006.  The Tarheal Retreat is new but rustic with a braided rug, old walnut furniture and an old wood burning Franklin Stove.

There is always something new happening to make the property more appealing and to keep my creative energy flowing.  In 2007, I have been concentrating on growing herbs and fruit.  I did install split rail fencing to define the parking lot and make a divider along side the storage barn so that it screens the labyrinth from the road.  The next project is making a dog run.  It is going to be a good sized space but only 4 feet high.  I love animals but I am not encouraging travel with big, big dogs.  I will post the progress of the dog run.

The Lamplight Beckons thee!


4 Responses to “About Lamplight Inn & Tobacco Farm Camp”

  1. Gayle Wocoski Says:

    I came upon your website through “bedandbreakfast.com” and its uniqueness caught my eye. At first I thought you only had RV hook ups and the cabins. Then I came upon the Inn information and was plesantly surprised!!
    We live in Maryland, but our daughter goes to High Point University, so we go by your exit probably at least 15 times a year with two Parent’s Weekends a year; picking and returning her for breaks and holidays; etc.
    We will definitely look you up when you have some extra time; when we are not rushing back to Maryland for my husband to return to work. We are big B&B fans and your place looks like one that would fit right into our enjoyment and pleasure. It sounds like you put your heart and sould into making the place a work from the heart.
    Happy New Year!!

  2. Jerry and David Callaghan Says:

    Shirley helped me purchase my first home in South Florida at the same time she was working to open the Lamplight Inn in 2002. 11 years Later and I Finally got a chance to visit the Inn! David and I have relaxed for two nights and we will certainly be back. It’s been wonderful seeing your vision as reality down to the smallest detail. The Royal Room is definitely King Worthy! The bed is so comfortable that Only the smell of breakfast cooking could drag us out of it.
    This is a unique space combining history, comfort and warmth! After a delicious breakfast, I paid my respects to the original family owners of the farm in their private cemetery. Just beyond are the cabins and sheds that Shirley is working/has worked to convert to sleeping cabins, RV Pads, screened in gazebos and event space. I could certainly put the event space to good use!
    Next we spent the day driving around the Kerr Lake recreational area, antiquing in Clarksvile and back to the Lamplight Inn for hot cocoa.

    The Floorboards creak and have a slight slope. The decor reflects a warm eclectic hostess and the Inn embraces you and asks you to step back in time, have a warm conversation, and reconnect. WELL DONE!

    1. ncinnkeeper Says:

      Thank your for your kind remarks. So good to re-connect with the two of you.

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