This past June   I attended a state sponsored seminar for birding trails.  With all the woods surrounding this 5 acre site, it seems birding is a natural.   One of my RVers, Lenny Derr arrived at the perfect time with a few bird feeders and a love for birds. He especially likes goldfinch.  Lenny, his wife Becky and I went to our local bluebird expert, Frank Newell.  We came back with 3 bluebird houses and lot of excitement about bluebirds.  I got 2 bird field guides, Birds of North America and Sibley’s Field Guide to Birds of Eastern North America.  I acquired some binoculars and bought a hand held device with recorded bird calls and colored pictures to help identify birds.  With 4 hummingbird feeders, 2 birdbaths and 2 more bird houses besides the 3 for bluebirds, I am getting serious about birding.   Narually, the two current bird nests are in the rafters of the old barns.   One of the nests is a bluebird and the other is a Carolina Wren.   We spotted a scarlet tanager today.  I especially like the hummers and am delighted to sit on the porch every morning with my crossword puzzles, 4 cats at my feet and the hummers flitting nearby.  The cats pay no attention to the hummers.  I do see them watching other birds at times but so far I don’t see them going after the birds.  The birds, on the otherhand, mainly the mocking birds dive bomb the cats all the time.  The cats just try to get out of the way. 


One Response to “Birds on the farm”

  1. Linda Rosen Says:

    Hi. My husband and I really enjoyed our stay over the week-end. Thanks again for everything.

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