What do you do with a bare spot under the huge shade tress where nothing will grow?  I love a challenge and decided to create a fantasy garden.  People driving down the road have actually stopped to inquire about the garden.  What fun!

A little girl finds her dreams  sprawled on her tummy on an old bench under the shade of the trees.  Nestled beside her is a contented cat and a whimsical whirligig of a cow jumping over the moon.  Stepping stones meander through this mulched bed surrounded by colorful potted flowers but the show stopper is the tower of tipsy clay pots.  The  pots are alive with different shade plants and stacked on a re-rod for support.  Yes, there is a live cat in the picture.  Taffy is enjoying the garden, too.  The fantasy is a labor of love unjoyed by young and old alike.


A Civil War Bayonet has been added to the collection of artifacts at Lamplight Inn, a country Bed and Breakfast.

When I acquired the bayonet, I was told that it was civil war vintage and I have no reason to doubt that it is.  I pondered quite some time before I came up with a desireable way to display this treasure.

Civil War Bayonet and it's Sheath

Civil War Bayonet and it's Sheath









I found the frame and solicited the help of my friends and tenants from the Tobacco Farm Camp.  Leonard and Becki Derr are always ready to give a hand, especially on a good project.  They made the shadow box  to attach to the frame.

Becki and Lenny at work

Becki and Lenny at work









Now we needed a background to show off our treasure to it’s best advantage.

I painted the background  with the star field that represented the union flag at the top. In the middle are 13 stripes or stars and bars depending on which flag you are associating them with and at the bottom the confederate symbol that was used in the star field.




The shadow box is hung in the front hallway right at the entrance to the Gone with the Wind Room.  It seems an appropriate place to display this unique treasure.


Be sure to check it out on your next visit.